Elliot C. Mason on Why He Writes @ArthurRay44 #Romance #Politics #AmReading

Why do you write?

To feel alive.

Have you always enjoyed writing?

I’m not even sure I do now. I just know I can’t stop.

What motivates you to write?

The seven billion humans on the planet scrounging around for a reason to exist.

What writing are you most proud of?

The letters I write to woman who never replies. I’m not sure she’s real anymore. http://www.abctales.com/story/arthur-ray/confessions-letter-old-lover

What are you most proud of in your personal life?

I once out-drank my uncle, the heaviest drinker known to man. He’s still applying for a feature in the Guinness Book of World Records.

What books did you love growing up?

Oliver Button is a Sissy and Green Eggs and Ham.

Who is your favorite author?

Probably Kurt Vonnegut.

What book genre of books do you adore?

From dark political novels to unintelligible sci-fi.

What book should everybody read at least once?

The Grapes of Wrath.


A stark dystopian world of insatiable greed and ceaseless distraction is that of young Gustav Klein, a German twenty-three-year-old who has just sold his hotel in Munich. He is looking for nothing more than escape. The modern gadgets which flash their endless advertisements are locking society inside brick houses, allowing them to be dumbed-down further by the money-hungry gremlins in the high towers.

Gustav Klein, meanwhile, begins a journey over the myriad terrains of Europe, through countless bottles on the corner of morbid winter streets, coloured by the peculiar characters he encounters, some who bestow upon him their wisdom, some who fuel his disdain, some who ignite his desires, and some who merely drink with him until they hit the floor in a merry temperament. But the hedonistic, aimless rambling must come to end, for life calls. And Gustav lands on a mountain in Scotland, searching for release, for total nature, untouched by the destructive hand of man.

But, it seems, it is too late… In this harrowing tale of youthful rebellion, dark nihilism on the road, heavy drinking beatniks, political adversity and the capricious desires of the gluttonous modern man, the reader is taken by the hand firmly and hauled into a bleak world where every man lives for himself. Close your eyes if you are scared, but you cannot escape.

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Genre – Travel, Political, Dystopia, Romance

Rating – PG15

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