The Colors of Friendship by K. R. Raye @KRRaye

The Alpha Party – January 2000

“Whew, we made it,” Melody Wilkins said with a laugh as she, Lance Dunn, and Imani Jordan escaped the throng of fraternity partygoers.

Imani brushed past Melody, eager to enjoy the relative oasis of the makeshift bar.  She pulled up a stool and swallowed her disappointment.  During their mad, congested dash from the front door to the back bar, she scanned the two hundred plus, hard-dancing students looking for Trevor, but to no avail.

She pasted on a smile to prevent Melody or Lance from misinterpreting things.  Hell, even she didn’t know what to expect from the Trevor situation.  All she knew was that she liked hanging out with him in and out of class.  Imani checked her expression in the nick of time before Lance caught her eye.

Lance winked and arranged his muscular, 6’2” frame into a GQ stance while he stroked his goatee, a pose that he assumed oozed sexy charm.  Please, like he didn’t already generate enough attention when they entered the fraternity house, working the room like a campaigning politician or the ridiculous jock he was.

Imani tried to choke back a guffaw as Melody watched her in amusement.  But much to Imani’s awe and chagrin, Lance’s ridiculous antics started working.  Four attractive girls honed in on Lance’s horny, homing beacon, their mouths almost salivating.

What the hell?  Imani frowned as two of the girls shot her and Melody jealous daggers.  All of this unwarranted attention just because Lance played football the last two games of the season and played well?

Imani sucked her teeth and turned to the bar.  “Damn, I’m ready to get my swerve on!”

“Well, you deserve a drink,” Melody replied as she hopped her petite, frame onto a stool to Imani’s left.  Melody’s thick, blond curls bounced about like springs.  “Heck, after our intense studying all week and your physics exam today; you deserve to unwind.”

Right on cue the attractive fraternity brother acting as the bartender meandered over.  “What can I get you, Sugar?”

“Two amaretto sours,” she said gesturing to Melody and herself, “and one vodka tonic for him,” she said nodding towards Lance.

“Sure thing, Sugar,” he replied with a wink.

After the flirty bartender departed, she elbowed Lance in his side.  “You’re awful quiet.”

“I’m sure he’s thinking what I’m thinking,” Melody said, swiveling her stool around to face them.  “Looking at all these beautiful faces and wondering which person is the one, that magical one, true love.”

“Oh Lord, here we go!”  Imani moaned and leaned back against the bar.

“Ah, let me handle this, Imani.”  Lance clapped Melody’s back.  “Dear, deluded Melody,” he said, then he stroked his mustache and goatee.  “In actuality, I was looking at all of these beautiful women and wondering which one is going to end up in my bed.  However, it seems I need to school you.”  He cleared his throat and his deep voice took on a preacher-like quality.

“Love is highly overrated.  It’s this fantasyland you read about in those Harlequin rags you devour.  A vicious lie parents tell their little girls.”  He shook his head and shrugged.  “That’s why the divorce rate is so high.  Unreasonable expectations.”

“Thoughts, Imani?”  Melody smiled knowing she could get a rise out of her.  Melody’s gray-green eyes twinkled in anticipation against her golden-tanned skin.

“Lance is kinda right.”  Imani’s nose scrunched up, hating to agree with Lance.  “You’re one of these women that fosters unrealistic fantasies about the fairytale wedding and living happily ever after.  That shit don’t happen.”  Imani threw Lance a scathing look.  “But love does exist and it ain’t overrated.”

Colors of Friendship

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Genre – New Adult, Contemporary

Rating – R

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