Accountability Leadership by Di Worrall @DiWorrall

Accountability vs. Responsibility

The literature defines accountability and responsibility in various ways. In this book, I use the definition of accountability that refers to the capacity of one person to hold another to account for the delivery of their promises.

Responsibility, on the other hand is one’s individual capacity to deliver on the promises they make.

Organisations require competency in both in order to achieve a healthy and productive “high accountability” culture.

This means you take responsibility without becoming overly responsible. Yes, you are responsible, especially for failures and mistakes. And yet you are expected to give the credit to others, to the teams and the individuals who do the work.

You are responsible for getting results through others. You can’t do that without creating conditions of accountability in the organisation you lead.

How you handle accountability will determine how willingly your staff will accept your leadership. How much trust they will grant you will be earned by how well you handle these two key issues:

1. Accountability for errors, both of your own and of your staff.

2. Credit for successes, both of your own and of your staff.

Di Worrall

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