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Chapter 2


POST TITLE: Beautifully Ravaged by Scarlett James

DATE OF POST: August 1

Book Bohemian has not been taken over by an alien – I am indeed reviewing a romance novel. Cassie at The Library Eclectic has dared me, and I am not one to back away from a challenge. If I can read Finnegan’s Wake and survive (barely), I can surely read anything you throw at me. Cassie, I can hear your *evil laugh* all the way from Idaho. Keep it down, will ya?

Cassie has been an evangelist for Beautifully Ravaged, the first in the Beautiful series by Scarlett James, saying that I “MUST READ IT!!!” With her all-caps-and-triple-exclamation-marks endorsement as enticement, I dove into Beautifully Ravaged with an open mind.

In sum, while considerably less painful than reading James Joyce, I am torn about this book. On the one hand, I can see why it is on top of the lists. The characters of Jax and Devon are compelling, each one haunted by tragic pasts and dark secrets. James does a creditable job fleshing them out and making them relatable. 

However, what I did not find authentic was the insta-love relationship that developed. Insta-lust, quite natural. The sexual chemistry between Jax and Devon was hot enough to burn the pages of my book. The steamy scenes made my ears red, to be frank. But pledging eternal love after two weeks of nothing but sexual escapades is just not what I define as romantic. For instance, one of the pivotal scenes in the book occurs right after a romp at a truck stop. (“I’ll just die if you don’t take your pants off this minute and stick it to me!” “Ooh, baby I love you so fucking much!)

Perhaps I’m too old-fashioned. When I think of romantic, I think of Jane Austen. I think of deep conversations, the exchange of heartfelt letters, a meeting of souls. What was lacking in this romance novel, for me, was quite simply – the romance.

So Cassie, now that I’ve read Beautifully Ravaged, I am throwing the gauntlet. I triple-dog dare you to read Persuasion by Jane Austen.


Micha {Page Turner}: You read a romance novel?! *falls in a dead faint*

Cassie {The Library Eclectic}: Yipeeee!!! Haha, my plan for world domination is coming together. I’ll take your Persuasion and raise you a Pride and Prejudice. Care to further your romance novel education??? Beautifully Obsessed is beckoning…

Erin {Bibliology}: I’ll get the smelling salts for Micha.

Alice {The Bluestocking}: Just looked out the window. Yep, pigs are flying.


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