BoX by Lucas Heath @LucasHeathBooks


The moment Chuck awoke, he quickly jumped to his feet and spun around to study his prison. “Four walls, one floor, one ceiling, estimated between fifteen and twenty feet. It’s a cube,” he said to himself as he frantically took mental notes. “Light emits from every direction preventing shadows. A single pistol rests on a podium in the center of the room.” He walked over to the gun and reached down to touch it. He yanked his hand back the moment he felt and saw the hairs on the back of his hand stand on end. “Electrified, interesting,” he mumbled. He ran a hand through his thick, black hair and began circling the pedestal.

Finally, he moved over to one of the walls and began knocking on it. “Solid, yet smooth, but not stone, possibly glass,” he continued to mutter. “Though I’m sure it’s unbreakable,” he added quickly as if he were trying to convince himself of that idea.

Chuck closed his eyes to recall what had happened. He had been sitting on a train, traveling from Mississippi to New Jersey, when a sharp pain shot through his neck and he was suddenly waking in the cube.

He reached for the right side of his neck and found the bump he had been expecting. “Sedative,” he confirmed with a nod to himself and sat down. “I know who you are,” he called out as he looked around. “I know what you’re doing.” He waited in silence. “I promise that I will stop you. You didn’t win last time, and you won’t win this time.” A grin appeared on Chuck’s face and he stared at the gun. He already knew he was a lab rat in an experiment and he wasn’t going to lose.

The light in the room increased, causing Chuck to shield his eyes while they adjusted. A voice echoed throughout the room as if it were coming from every direction.

“Participants, you have been randomly selected for this upcoming experiment.” The deep and gravelly voice was that of an older man; it sounded as though the announcer had smoked most of his life. “My name is Jacob Harding, and I would like to welcome you to The Box.”


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Genre –  Thriller / SciFi

Rating – PG13

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